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Slide backgroundqode interactive satellite Concepts Are The Strenght Of Me


Are The Passion Of Me
Slide background Designing is my Life


I’m not a good programmer, but I try to code as much as I can


Sometimes, I’m a drafter. Although it’s a rare condition.

Logo Designing

Yes, I’m doing that too. Yes you can check out some of my logo. Soon.

Web Designing

Well, I like web designing so much. It gives me a life !

See skinny guy at the right?RizkiYeah ! that would be me !I’m Rizki Andrianto. I started at Multimedia Majors on SMK Negeri 6 Jakarta Vocational High School. Since then, I have been creating clean, elegant, and creative designs for web.
I’ve worked (as a freelancer) on everything from Web, Graphic and Logo Designeralso IT Support and Network Maintenance .
I’ve learned and tried to master language such as HTML, CSS, PHP and much more.
I’ve also worked with WordPress.So, now you know about me. Check out my portofolio, or if you’re really interested, head over to the contact area and shoot me an email.






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